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Leadership Development Program at Lockheed Martin

Leadership Development Program


This program is an exciting avenue for strategic, early career individuals to gain experience in the fields of internal, external and visual communications in preparation for future leadership roles at Lockheed Martin. CLDP isn't just an incredible career move – it's a chance to be on the cutting edge of technology development and to help tell the story of a company that's engineering a better tomorrow!

Program Details

CLDP is a full-time, two-year rotational program that delivers a diverse communications experience. Immersed in the inner workings of the world's leading advanced technology company, you'll develop extensive, career-building skills through a variety of training and development opportunities.

For internal and external communicators, you'll spend one year growing your expertise in employee communications and community relations, followed by another one-year rotation in marketing communications and media relations. For visual communicators, you'll spend two years broadening your skills in visual storytelling, branding, web design and photo and video production.

During the program, you'll also have the opportunity to attend two leadership development conferences and network with LDP peers from disciplines across Lockheed Martin. We also support and encourage our participants to continue their education and provide tuition reimbursement for a master's degree.

Who Can Participate?

We accept applicants with relevant communications undergraduate and graduate degrees who have track records of strong performance in previous positions or internships. Ideal candidates are flexible, enthusiastic and possess a sincere interest in growing their careers in the technology industry. The program is open to graduating seniors and those with less than three years of professional experience. New program participants start every June.

Join Our Team!

Applications for CLDP are now open and due no later than Sept. 27, 2017. Click here to apply. Successful candidates will begin June 2018.

CLDP offers two tracks: internal/external communications and visual communications. Relevant degrees for the internal/external communications track include public relations, journalism, communications and marketing. Relevant degrees for the visual communications track include graphic design, visual media, media design and other arts-related degrees. The GPA minimum for both tracks is 3.5.

For more information, please contact our CLDP Program Managers:

Kaitlyn Arena
Voice: +1-407-356-5037

Danielle Epting
Voice: +1-817-777-5148